What’s in a Sourced Solutions Essence?

Just Water

What’s in an Essence?

Our Essences contain structured water that comes from natural, public springs and the energetic information that is stored in the memory of the water which we use.

Sourced Solutions Essences are for topical use only. There is no need to drink or ingest an Essence.  Apply topically to skin and scalp.  Safe for children and pets. Sensitive individuals may only need to hold an Essence to fully interact with its information and energy field.

A Simple Solution

Call it placebo. Or Holy water. Or bliss in a bottle. Pure love with a purpose. You choose. It’s a direct experience with the organizing intelligence of life.

Essence is frequency,  vibrational information, that carries the intent of sacred union. Spiritual that is technology expressed through coherent, whole, and awakened embodiment.

Water is the lymphatic system of our planet; constantly flowing, cleansing activity that is a major global communication medium of the planet. We honor this powerful communications relationship between the water in our bodies and the water on the planet.

Essences Collection