Trinity Sisters

Begins in Philadelphia. Transports us to Scotland. Ignites in Oregon.

By Anaiis

In a divine orchestration of fairy tale and action adventure spanning two years, two countries, two international retreats, an amazing twenty-year plus friendship, an awakening soul group tagging its various members, and complicated planetary grid work assignment meant to correct a cascade of global injustices reaching back 500 years, and at Stonehenge reaching even further back to the time when our beautiful planet Gaia was involved in a cosmic event, one affecting all human life.

“Many people choose to remain in an unconscious state  of embodiment assuming this choice to be more comfortable and less work than living a conscious life. A highly sensitive person recognizes that in the long run the daily practice of living consciously is actually the easier path. What once seemed like ‘work’ becomes joyous play and abundant presence. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is one of many gifts we give back to life.”

~ Anaiis Salles, Living Lessons Library

My continuing journey exploring the world as an awakened being and healer slipped sweetly in grounded, gobsmacking co-creation of the Sacred Master Key technique in the spring of 2016. That fall, I designed Conscious Co-Creation Masterclass, a course that shares the five universal princples of conscious co-creation.

Phenomenal spiritual growth accelerated throughout 2016. Grounded bliss and DNA activations led to shifting awareness and being able to see ‘snake energy’ generating discord, conflict, distortion, misunderstanding and emotional distress in face to face, every day relationships.

What was surprising was becoming aware of ‘snake energy’ in the middle of a casual every day interaction rather than in a specialized healing environment.  My home garden became the sanctuary for this accessing and then nurturing a new skill as an energy healer.

During a marathon, two-hour shamanic journey taking place in the open air, daylight and sunshine of my garden, mind-altering substance free, I was  initiated into a method through which I now guide others in awakening to this destructive snake energy. Snake energy a literally infected mind state and distortion of perception caused by emotional wounds and superficial triggers. This energy is an “artifact” of 26,000 years of spiritual warfare during which earth and humanity have endured horrific deliberately designed and implemented  energy techniques and DNA manipulation: Snake culture’s system of separation.

In the midst of this episode of epigenetic realization, I called Anastacia Townsdend for help. She is my friend, colleague, and former student from my healing training program.  Over twenty-five years, we two had transitioned from a student/teacher relationship to a sister, sometimes mother/daughter, always friends relationship.

We know ALL the details of each other’s lives. We trust each other and this trust has never been dropped into a major unconscious breach. 

With Anastacia on the phone, I described what I was experiencing in this unexpected throw-down match with snake energy I could see, feel, hear completely conscious of its agenda: creating separation between me and another member of our soul group who would be coming to Scotland with us in just a few days.

Anastacia hung in there with me for two hours while I tolerated the snake energy attempt to separate me from Source and the truth of my heart. The two-hour impromptu, emergency session ended when I wrestled the snake through my heart, refusing its demand that I choose separation. No, I would not be drawn into drama, an argument, a fight, or generating any excuse or reason for our fellow traveling companion to cancel his plans and stay home in the company of “friends” who were trying to dissuade him from coming along for our adventure abroad.

This healing took place just a few weeks before meeting two overlapping groups of sensitive, spiritual, visionary people in Findhorn, Scotland.

Following the intense spiritual journey as it unfolded through the medium of time, during our physical journey I was liberated from the maze of emotional, psychological, and physical system of separation in which our entire world has been stuck.

This maze of separation, with its duality perception and emotional distortion of our human birthright,  is entirely sustained by a set of snake energy ‘templates.’

During our group’s travels in England and Scotland, we were joined by our new/old soul group sister, Cynthia Aldrich. Day by day, dream by dream, experience by experience, Gaia and her Elementals guided my companions and me into private, deeply connected, joyful, festivals of greater awareness grounded in truth.

 As I was shown each successive snake template every morning in the sanctuary of our sweet little rented house in West Whinds, we were physically cleared of these snake templates. 

The Elementals, most particularly water, co-created these daily transmutations with us, cleansing the land and the community environment at the Findhorn Foundation. I would “trip” over a new template. Our retreat group of three would explore our connections to this new template. We would shift into a state of bliss. Then it would rain, and the snake energy would be rinsed away.

We were led and opened every single day for three full weeks.  We each became noticeably more radiant and deeply grounded.  I have never laughed so much in my life! Our joy and sense of connection with everything was palpable and infectious.

Individually and together, we three also continued our committed inner work, lighting up our unconscious patterns that had been spawned through these snake templates during this unplanned spontaneous, third spiritual retreat.

We recognized the “snake energy” that had done its best to sabotage and undermine our group adventure and soul assignment. We saw clearly how the unconscious co-creations with “snake energy” had brought us, early on, right to the brink of separation, conflict, mistrust, discord, and hurt.

Again, all the elements flowed together perfectly, completely orchestrated by life  in the Third Way.

From this point on, three of us — now calling ourselves the Trinity Sisters – were in continual,  non-stop, conscious relationship. Days, weeks and months — months — laid out a journey of co-creation, overflowing with joyous comraderie, as every day life met us with exactly what we needed, and so much more.

I met a new friend for life, lost ten pounds from daily, spontaneous, uncontrollable laughter fests with my soul sister companions, and other new friends, too.

In the fall of 2017, we met again in Oregon. At the conclusion of my third Sacred Master Key retreat, I was presented with the gift of  co-creating Sourced Solutions Essences.

Two years later, it is once again spring, and through spectacular synchronicities, developing a global audience for ‘the Template’ presentations and workshops, and with surprising and stunning generosity and sharing of savvy business people, too, I’m in the blessed position of being able to share Sourced Solutions Essences with the world.

There’s more to this story, of course.

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