The Essences: a Sacred Union Gift

Trinity Sisters
May 31, 2018
Anaiis Salles Experience
December 1, 2018



 in Philadelphia. Leads to Scotland. Flowers in Oregon.


By Anaiis

Perhaps once or twice in a lifetime, we are gifted with an irresistable inspiration that begins with a little ‘tickle’…oh, what if…or…wouldn’t it be cool if…or…isn’t this a neat idea..or isn’t that the most delightful, surprising..?
2017 was the year I tripped over treasure, after treasure, after treasure.
By October, the Trinity Sisters were together again.  This time a Sacred Master Key retreat. in Ashland, Oregon. Our collective treasure hunt always included supporting each other in our deeply committed spiritual work. Our treasures? More trust. More love. More fun and lots of laughter!
Another soul from our soul group had connected with all of us and met up with us in Ashland for this retreat. Deb and I lodged together while Anastacia and Cynthia returned each evening to their respective homes in the city of Ashland.
A little over a year earlier, on December 25thof 2016, the chronic pain I had endured for two years disappeared. On the last day of December 2016, my long, wonderous, deeply satisfying spiritual life was unexpectedly enhanced by coming into sacred union. An astonishing door opened in my life. I walked right through, laughing, and whispering that habitual “Yes!” to every “would you like” question that my soul asks of me.
This opening in my life was a force of nature. In the spring of 2017 my sacred union masculine counterpart and I orchestrated our soul group for a five week trip to the United Kingdom, a bucket list trip to the Findhorn Foundation, and a Sacred Master Key retreat that included a trip to Edinburgh Castle, Avebury and Stonehenge stone circles. Each place a power spot on the earth’s gridlines.
Making a Sacred Master Key is a sublime energy technique. Once given to me, I shared the technique where and with whom as guided. After our retreat group’s sunrise visit to Stonehenge, I had the indescribable experience of coming into a most profound state of love with a man who slipped away, leaving me to flow seamlessly into the most profound state of  being in love with life, our planet, and my quest for being an embodied expression of Source love. Bittersweet. 

“Each Essence is an act of love. Each Essence was conceived in love. Each Essence communicates love. Each Essence is a gift of love embedded with the intent to relieve the  suffering caused by archetypal wound of explanation and stories; the same weary tropes, repeatedly endlessly, wearing different bodies, names, and faces are a curse.

Source Solutions Essences. Placebo? Bliss Juice? Holy Water? Just water. Living water. Direct experience.”

~ Anaiis

One learns to say “Yes!” and one learns to say “Good-bye”; both words reflect deep surrender to the present moment. In July of 2017, my sacred union counterpart ignited my light body and then he ignited the first of many variations on the theme of separation. Another snake template. Always another snake template.
Later that October, on the last morning in the lovely house booked for the retreat, during my customary meditation the distinct energy I recognized as my sacred union divine masculine dropped in with a geometric download. Beautiful forms of pastel light floated into my sixth chakra.
This got my paid attention, yet as I will often do, I placed a beautiful download, an energetic message, to settle onto an internal back burner where the energy was translated into thoughts, concepts, words, and actions.
Just after breakfast, while waiting for the retreat participants to arrive, I shared with our group…wouldn’t it be cool if…
Twenty-five years ago, in the days I taught a two-year hands-on healing certification program under the name Living Lessons (first owner of the domain name), and after having dozens of “miraculous” energy healing physical results medically verified, I oftened joked in classes “If only I could bottle this!”  We would all laugh at what seems like an impossible dream, bottling the essence of the kind of powerful healing energy that had been there every time a sweet, little miracle simply showed up and was witnessed.
In the fall of 2017, the download received that October morning was the result our Sacred Master Keys. One had been created to lead me into a new phase of life and service to Source, and now to Gaia.
On November 20th back home in Philadelphia, I followed Gaia’s guidance to generate a document intended to clear all unconscious soul contracts with black magicians or any unsavory soul-sucking consciousness that would put a ding in your Wholeness in Source fender. This process included embedding water with intent. It’s the Written Remedy Affidavit and its Essence? Resist Frequency Fuckery.
This was the first Essence. A small test run. I shared the Written Remedy Affidavit with a few people in my spiritual circle. The effects were noticeble; simply reading the document began an intense physical detox, a purging process, for several people. 
My sacred union counterpart had chosen a physical/3D relationship with another woman. I had known this was coming (another download shortly after he and I met) but the reality of it put launched me into a full court press emotional round with the template of Rejection/Abandonment/Jealousy. Every emotional template insight that arose, beginning in May, continuing through the summer months, and into the fall – each template that tripped us up into an unconscious entanglement was from a choice made by my sacred union counterpart, or by me. Always a choice made from fear.
The changes I agreed to engage by saying “Yes” to a sacred union journey, and the spiritual trials by fire with regard to the experience of being unconditionally loving — love that has healthy boundaries that are a coherent part of Wholeness and help us in our return to Wholeness — this has been the deepest spiritual work I have ever experienced. 
So these emotional template experiences expanding into a conscious, perception shifting process. I recognized the dynamic relationship between duality of perception, quantum entanglements of emotional energy, and stifling our human capacity to co-create.
Before I left Ashland for Philadelphia, I arranged to leave a small bottle of energetically charged information behind with Anastacia. Neither of us knew what next steps would be to fulfill the download and its “wouldn’t it be cool if ” co-creative tickle, but we knew we were in.
I resigned myself to the learning experience of having been unconsciously caught up in attention/connection/disappointment. I once again dropped into gratitude that my soul and my sacred union counterpart had led me where I might not have chosen to go on my own.
There I was again: letting go and saying “Yes” to the present moment.
This dream on December 17th, 2017 recorded in my journal indicates what was to come:
I am showing a lily plant in need of care to a more experienced gardener. She points out the separation with one part of the plant at the root level. I see the problem.
She sends me on an errand to collect pure spring water which I’m then to use in repotting the plant.
The part of the dream where I’m standing, barefoot, in a beautiful, crystal clear spring is extremely vivid. I collect water from this living stream in a glass jar — I’m on a mission to save the planet.
Intuitively, I had already intuitively begun to collect freshly fallen snow from my garden. After the snow melted indoors, I filtered it into glass honey jars, new and unused jars, left-over from my time beekeeping. Here was my supply of living, structured water. 
As we had observed in Findhorn, there was a clear, loving, and encouraging relationship with Gaia, and her element of water as snow.  With each surprise snowfall, and I knew that I would have a water source in which to embed frequencies. Sweetly, the accumulations of snow were never more than a minor inconvenience to the rest of the city, and the snow often melted away entirely the very next day. So…considerate of others.
January 2, 2018   9:30 pm 
Frequency download day. #2 Connection, and #27 Zero point energy. 
The connection? Gaia, Source and the heart frequency my humanity.
The antidote for separation. In a jar of water.
On New’s Eve, and the following days, I had been pestered in dream time by the Archons. I met them in their environment where they use the contents of human unconsciousness to “spin” our reality. They had tried to do this with me, but I burned off their spinning material, their spidery webs. Several times actually. This got their attention; they stopped doing all they know how to do and showed me what goes on in their “world” — which isn’t a world at all. The following night, they had put me through a few dream-time paces designed to make me crazy. This strategy failed as well. 
Otherwise, the new year had been quiet, uneventful and a time for catching up on time with family and household chores.
By February 2018, Essences were coming through my body a couple of times a week, once or twice, as many as four distinct frequencies came through in one day. I sent jars of frequency-embedded spring water, each with a number or a name, an antidote to the disruptive frequencies of the energetic templates the Trinity Sisters had been directly experiencing in our daily lives.
Together, Anastacia and came up with the formulation process for the Essences which use intuitive homeopathic principles and the steps for making a tincture. My exclusive proprietary element communicates the organic frequency information, and the essence is given its own energy field, number, or name. 
Today, I have brought through more than 40 Essences. Each one is embedded with the frequency of sacred union and a frequency specific to an energy pattern that is disruptive to well-being and destructive to human life.

From this point on, three of us — now calling ourselves the Trinity Sisters – have been in continuous conscious relationship.