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You know the amount of energy and attention to detail required to co-create a happy, grounded life.  Balanced energy flow is the difference between living the life you love or struggling to keep up with greater demands with seemingly fewer resources and less time to get everything done.



Quality of life hinges on discovering the energy generating balance between getting sufficient rest, good quality sleep each night, making healthy food choices, absorbing nutrients, releasing environmental toxins, drinking enough pure water, and listening to our body’s requests for movement, fun, relaxation, pleasure, and core strength challenges.

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Learning to love and respect our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves isn’t consistently taught. With an emphasis on intellect, self-care may not be appreciated without experiencing a crisis.  We must consciously choose to be  a healthy adult ready to enjoy and contribute to life.

We may also grow up lacking the organic wisdom about what forms and maintains healthy bodies. For lack of education, we may be deprived of the understanding about our energetic connection to the natural world and our world within.

Are you neglecting your relationship with your true nature?

In the coming decades balanced, loving, and nurturing relationships will undergo major shifts. Are you and your loved ones prepared to manage health challenges in new and non-toxic ways?

We are here to help!

Bring Our Information to Your Alignment & Intention

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With easy to use remote and in office wireless scanning  devices, software and international shipping, we can assist clients in any English speaking country. Ask us for details. We appreciate practitioner referrals!

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Ask About Our Family Care Wellness Packages!

Our Bioenergetics Practice

Our combined east coast-west coast wellness practice offers in-person office services with family-friendly scheduling. Our clients? Individuals and families who appreciate the value of affordable, non-invasive, non-toxic holistic care.

Or book a personal, extended healing retreat. 

Choose care connections in your home, through remote sessions basis, or in a nurturing retreat environment. With our combined skills and years of experience,  Anastacia and I  co-create a truly unique wellness experience for the whole person and the whole family.

Adding Sourced Solutions and NES infoceuticals to our resources amplifies our “energy IS information” approach to supporting the human body’s ability to heal itself.

Given the understanding that distorted energy/information patterns are an underlying cause of illness, Sourced Solutions clears the path back to the “you” you were born to be.

Everything is ENERGY and information in relationship.
We enthusiastically support well-being; we do not diagnose, treat, or cure. 

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Sourced Solutions

Frequency information to support clearing miasms and energy field distortions – wholeness. Each Essences carries a unique sound and light wave recognized by the body at its deepest levels and most complete wisdom.

Through a quick consultation with one of our Practitioners. 

Sourced Solutions Essences are for topical use only. Your body’s water absorbs information from Essence water. Using a circular or spiral motion, apply a small amount as directed by your Practitioner.

Essences can also be used to create energy arrays, or dynamic, harmonizing combinations. 

Yes.  We’ve had reports of reading the Written Remedy Affidavit and various Essences to accomplish remote, long distance relief communications with the energy fields of young children spiking dangerously high fevers.

Unifying our three minds states (conscious, unconscious, subconscious) supports direct connection with all of our body systems, including DNA function. Essences support unifying our three states of “mind.” We are then empowered to self-organize at atomic, molecular and energetic levels and  fully self-heal any injury or disruption. Our bodies are designed by to do this.

Our very powerful essences should be applied before bedtime, or meditation time and self-care at home or in a spa setting. Do not drive or operate machinery after applying an Essence. The information generates subtle shifts in consciousness that encourage INNER attention.

"No Touch" Holistic Care

Frequency information that supports the human bio-field in its most efficient expression — health.

The ‘no touch’ scanning technology recommends infoceuticals based on your bio-field’s unique challenges.

The Bio-Energetix Wellness scanning technology recommends infoceuticals based on your bio-field challenges.

Simply add the number of drops of NES Infoceuticals to a glass or bottle of water as recommended. Alternatively, drops can be applied to the skin or be taken orally.

Consult your practitioner. Generally, NES advises against use with pregnant women and infants. 

Our colleague Elise Stone incorporates our practice resources for your pet as a valued member of your family.

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    We love it when our cats, dogs, birds, gerbils, mice, lizards, and hedge hogs show up fully present and ready for contact with their love, personalities, and funny surprises!

    Isn’t your pet a part of your family? Doesn’t your pet let you know when it’s feeling under the weather?

    Today, horse’s receive chiropractic adjustments, kitties take vitamins, and dogs benefit from energy healing as much as they benefit from training.

    Veterinary bills take a big bite out of any family budget. Bring down the cost of nurturing and supporting you furry friends’ well-being while bringing quick relief through non-toxic means.  Our Pets have Body Fields, too!

    Contact our Practice Partner, Elise Stone.

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