NES Health: BioEnergetix Wellness

Restore Your Body & Bio-Field

It is our honor and privilege to integrate the core bioenergetics principles and system at the foundation of NESHealth infocueticals. NESHealth quantum information is also embedded in water. It should be noted that what were once considered  “crazy” practices — (1970’s visualization, mindfulness, and organic nutrition) — have been incorporated into mainstream traditional health care. How long will it be before our new paradigm is co-opted by Big Pharma’s sickness model?

With today’s sky-rocketing health care costs, our Sourced Solutions wellness paradigm focuses on the information and energy distortions that contribute to illness. Non-invasive, gentle, powerful information is synthesized through your body’s water to reorganize and replace disordered, chaotic energy code. Clearer, efficient cellular messaging supports your body’s profound intelligence and capacity to heal itself and maintain robust health.

Quantum Wellness Principles

Core Principle #1: Your intention matters. You probably know about the placebo effect which is a key factor in most pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements. In a living matrix where everything is connected? Double-blind experiments are an illusion. However, the intentional energy behind a product carries the intention of research, funding, media, advertising, and the co-creating company. Anyone receiving/using a product is connected to its collective intention. Your body has the wisdom and power to choose to engage the information template of a product’s intended and stated use. You experience the desired results.

Core principle #2: In a quantum particle and field reality, the cells of your body communicate with your bio-field through resonance. The goal of wholeness includes choosing to resonate with what is healing and healthy within all internal and external, environments. Our imagination is a resonant field, especially when it aligns with information that we radiate from our heart’s life-affirming intention.

Core principle #3: There is only “now.” The past is history and tomorrow is, indeed, a mystery. When we practice living in the ‘now,’ we liberate the Human Bio-field to receive and use new information that is free from the distortions of past patterns and future expectations. This zero point zone generates a field of potential for instantaneous change. We do not hold our bodies hostage to the fear of time, or fear of being stuck, or lacking the strength to embrace change, or to fear of change as chaotic destruction rather than a creative journey.

Core principle #4: The Living Matrix, comprised of sound and light, “knows” the most efficient path for converting light and sound into energy and electromagnetic charge. New Paradigm Practitioners can assist with Bio-Field information efficiency in times of crisis, emotional shock or trauma, environmental challenge. or just well-being maintenance.




Anastacia Townsend

As a student and practitioner of bioenergetics since 1994, I have an understanding of many layers of personal and energetic anatomy. Since that time, my life’s work has been sharing the abilities I have acquired over 25 years as a bodyworker, educator, healing facilitator, personal life coach, and grateful conscious co-creator.

In 2017, training in Biodynamic Craniosacral provided another skill set and deeper perspective to support others in bio-field correction. Craniosacral therapy is a unique form of gentle bodywork which offers deeper states of relaxation. Subtle movement of tissues and fluids restore the body’s ability to reorganize unresolved physical or emotional trauma and the opportunity to access healing through the nervous system.

In 2017, the Universe gifted Anaiis with the energetic process that is the Essences. Using intuitive homeopathy, I translated her frequency embedded quantum information into a water source designed to clear MIASMS from the human body and its energy fields.

In 2009, I completed training with The Matrona school of Quantum Midwifery. The philosophy of The Matrona aligns with my own holistic and practical care approach: that of deep trust in the innate intelligence of the body to facilitate one of the most transformative events in a woman’s life, the birth of a child and the co-creation of family.

I am living in the organic unfolding of my divine blueprint, supported by my Soul family!

Anaiis Salles

As a healing facilitator, I’ve been using quantum field energy since 1990. I understand and use inwardly inspired knowledge of the human energy and its divine blueprint, or energetic templates of form. These templates  comprise all human body systems and in instantaneous and spontaneous physical healings, it is these templates that are restored to the divine blueprint. This absolutely includes mental and emotional patterns dynamics distorted by Miasmic patterns.

Miasmic patterns are extremely difficult to change by use of personal will alone.

in 2017, shortly after leading dynamic and life-changing retreats in Scotland, and Ashland, Oregon, the Universe gifted me with the energetic process that is the Essences. Collaborating with my dear friend Anastacia and her knowledge of intuitive homeopathic principles, we embedded quantum information that communicates distinct frequencies designed to clear MIASMS into…water.

In an astonishing leap forward into a new wellness paradigm, our infoceuticals harvest no plants and harm no animals.

With a continuously validated knowledge base arising from direct experience connected to what I know as Source energy, I’ve been privileged to be part of major healing ‘events’ in many people’s lives throughout a 30 year span of active service as a quantum energy paradigm educator, healing facilitator, personal/business life coach, joyous conscious co-creator, mother and friend.