Are You a Highly
Sensitive Person?

By Anaiis

Sourced Solutions are for highly sensitive people. Do you struggle with being able to focus? Are you absorbing more information from your environment than your body can comfortably process? Has your nervous system been damaged by emotional or physical trauma?
Everything is energy. Energy is information and consciousness, in relationship. Sourced Solutions are a quantum leap in restorative information.  Pure spring water stores and shares electromagnetic signals that form memory of vital, exclusive and proprietary information in each Essence. 
Testimonials reflect surprising discoveries. Our customers report having access to previously hidden memories; enhancement of natural abilities; a stronger sense of soul sovereignty and personal empowerment; and open but well-balanced energy bio-sphere with better boundaries.

Essences gently reorganize the information flowing through subtle energy bodies. Our Essences specifically address distortions blocking inspiration, intuition, nagual dreaming, creativity, and that interfere with the direct knowing that flows from your higher self.

Reconnect your three mind states! Stop leaking vital life force. Break out of the prison of duality perception and its limiting choices.

“As we dare to feel,  identify, and integrate our authentic emotions, we emerge from the spell of duality perception.  Then our greatest wound becomes our greatest gift.”

~ Anaiis Salles (1993), Living Lessons Library