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5D Essences-Clear-03

This Essence supports general immunity, clears energetic system confusion, and optimizes self-care choices. Amazing skin toner!

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  • Sourced Solutions Essences are for external application only
  • and are not a medical treatment or cure for any physical ailment
  • Essences are not for internal use or application to any part of body other than skin surfaces
  • Essences are safe for children and pets
  • Essences are formulated using homeopathic methods and structured, filtered spring water

A 10 ml bottle lasts 2 – 4 weeks depending on frequency of application

General Use: Apply to clean dry skin 

Inner wrists, clavicle notch, breast bone, and/or soles of the feet

Use 4 times per day when experiencing active symptoms of temporary immune challenges such as exposure to common cold and other viruses which may be on the surface of your skin/face

Sourced Solutions Essences are not a medical treatment or cure.