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About Essences

Each Essence consists of spring water and our exclusively processed energy information. Selected single essences may also contain a single drop of organic Rose Absolute oil. Quartz crystal embedded memory maintains the integrity of information in every Essence. No hard-wired technology is used in creating our Essences. No plant material is harvested. No animal testing. It’s just water.

We recommend a quick consultation with one of our Practitioners. Your best option is to enroll or review our Pain Body Template webinars. If you’re doing regular inner work, shadow exploration, or emotional reparenting, you will resonate with particular templates and emotional triggers.  This is a great way to begin using Sourced Solutions.

Sourced Solutions Essences are for topical use only. Your body’s water absorbs information from Essence water. Using a circular or spiral motion, apply a small amount to wrists, soles of the feet, heart center, 6th chakra, and crown chakra.

Essences can also be used to create energy arrays, or dynamic, harmonizing combinations. Each Essence carries a unique sound and frequency that is recognized by our DNA.

Read included product instructions/information.

Yes.  We’ve had reports of reading the Written Remedy Affidavit and various Essences to accomplish remote, long distance relief communications with the energy fields of young children spiking dangerously high fevers.

Unifying our three minds states (conscious, unconscious, subconscious) supports direct connection with all of our body systems, including DNA function. Essences support unifying our three states of “mind.” We are then more able to self-organize n atomic/molecular and energetic levels, and fully self-heal any injury or disruptiong as our bodies are designed by GAIA to do.

We advise that you not operate machinery after applying #27 or #11:11. These very powerful essences should be applied before bedtime, or at least one hour of meditation time and self-care.

About Shipping

Single Essences and our recommended combinations are shipped insured for damage using the United States Postal Service. We use Priority Mail flar rate boxes for retail purchases through our website.

The most common reason for the delay in the arrival of your purchase will be incomplete or inaccurate addressee and address information. Be sure to include your apt number! Be sure to provide a phone number; phone numbers are required for international shipments. If you prefer, we will happily ship your purchase to a U.S. address if you live outside of the U.S. 
This has been a wonderful solution for customers in South America, Europe, and even Canada. Not all postal systems are created equally! Don’t pay for shipping your items 2 or 3 times because of an address error. 

Due to shipping and handing costs, we suggest giving  a duplicate Essence away as a gift to someone you love. Make a note in your membership account to let us know if you have ordered a collection. We’ll know which single bonus Essence you’l not need and we’ll contact you to ask if there is an Essence you would like to have added to your next order at no charge.

We individually wrap and package your items by hand. This takes time. As do the rest of the required tasks to ship your items. Alas, we don’t have the meg bucks power of Amazon, so rather than charging you $12 a month — just in case you decide to buy an Essence? We add a handling charge to items you actually buy.  Would you like to be a Sourced Solutions member? Contact us to find out about the perks of being a regular customer. 

About "More"

Our headquarters are located on the East coast of the United States with a satellite location on the West coast.

Wonderful! We welcome inquiries about being a distributor of our Essences, and of the Essences only. Our accessories items are only available through the website.

About Refunds

We are happy to give you a refund if you find Sourced Solutions are so subtle that after 30 days of use, you are completely unaware of any changes in your mood, sleeping patterns, dream recall, or emotional balance. Send the product back to us and we’ll refund your item price. We don’t offer refunds on shipping and handling fees.

We suggest letting us know you’d like to swap out a duplicate Essence. We would love it if you just share the vibe and give your duplicate Essence to a Highly Sensitive Friend. 


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