#110 Wake Up & Flow

Wake up & Flow

3D Construct Emotional Templates

Wake up! Do you know that our beloved human dramas and archetypal stories are used to rob us of energy, peace, and happiness?

Everything is energy. Consciousness is energy and information in relationship. Energy exists before form. Before we are born, our oul aligns with Source co-creative impulses. 

Masculine and Feminine polarities come together to electromagnetically build,  template, and continuously charge our five subtle bodies (etheric, emotional, mental, causal, celestial).

We exit the 3D Construct by choosing to come out of a system of separation that is designed to deliberately distort our perceptions.  Painful emotional triggers and repeating, archetypal narratives keep us trapped in manipulated mindsets and inorganic reality.

Our Starter Collection

This Essence collection addresses three core Templates that trigger primal fear responses and stress. Living Lessons Library Quantum educational resources guide you the step-by-step, template by template process to dissolve these dysfunctional emotional templates, unifying your three states of mind. The Quantum shifts in consciousness and emotional balance are ignited by gentle, powerful, and just water.



Eliminate Emotional Triggers. Restore emotional balance.

  • #2 – Connection
  • #5 – Rejection/Abandonment/Jealousy
  • #15 – Fulfillment/Growth/Regret
  • #21 – Written Remedy Affidavit
  • #25 – Punishment/Sacrifice/Loss
  • #27 – Zero Point Energy; Reset
  • #11:11 – Remember Akashic, Align Timelines
  • #33 – Resist Frequency Fuckery (Bonus Essence)