Inner Child Healing – Male

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Cultural Conditioning of the modern male in western ‘civilized’ countries is a sure-fire way to cut off the heart while blowing up ‘mind power’ energy as the only game in town. 

Liberate your masculine soul and heart from misperceptions, assumptions, and lies that shore up the idealized image of your assigned masculine role in life, work, and family.


Recommended: Male Inner Child Healing

Essences Collection

Add circumcision trauma to the biological betrayal of an infant male, and inner child healing has to happen before authenticity and love show up in a male body.

We recommend this collection of Essences to build a bridge of authentic, loving male sovereignty across the divide from patriarchy to wholeness. 



Support for Balanced Male Energy at any age

  • #39 – Circumcision Trauma
  • #18 – Withhold Pleasure/Inflict Cruelty/Freezing Time
  • #25 – Punishment/Sacrifice/Loss
  • #27 – Zero Point Energy; Reset
  • #39 -Truth/Transparency/Trust
  • #39 – Silver Violet Ray
  • #39/35 – Innocence
  • #43, Nervous System
  • #47, Endocrine System
  • #11:11, Remember Akashic, Align Timelines
  • #224, Conscious Conception
  • Bonus Essences: Causal Clear