Featured Collection: Genetically Targeted Individual

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Our emotions transmit energy/information to each of our subtle bodies. Our etheric subtle body maintains our physical form and function. 

Causal Clear adjusts, balances, and then elininates distorted energy/information in the causal body. The Causal body holds the template of the human body and all  nesting light wave/particle determing our physical experiences.

Recommended Collection For Genetically Targeted Individuals

Are you a genetically targeted individual seeking relief from the daily torment generated through the use of nanotechnology, cell phone use, directed energy weapons, EMF and frequency assaults, mind manipulation, and health and social services abuse?

Reclaim personal power, health and sanity with this specific collection of Essences and its protocol.



Relief for Genetically Targeted Individuals

  • #2, Connection
  • #39 -Transmute
  • #39 – Receive
  • #39 – Silver Violet Ray
  • #39/35 – Innocence
  • #39 – Truth/Transparency/Trust
  • #34, DNA Coding
  • #43, Nervous System
  • #47, Endocrine System
  • #11:11, Remember, Align Timeline Shifts
  • #224, Conscious Conception
  • #410, MuscoloskeletalSystem
  • #Pro-2122, Vaccine Associated Nanotechnology
  • #323, DAR Immunity (miasm specific)
  • #325, AOS Interface Wipe (miasm specific)
  • Soul Sovereignty (Miasm specific)
  • Diversity (Miasm specific)
  • Bonus Essences: Causal Clear and Resist Frequency Fuckery