#210 Starter Collection

Clear & Prepared

3D Construct Emotional Templates

Wake up! Do you know that our beloved human dramas and archetypal stories have been designed to rob us of our life force, emotional well-being, and wholeness?

Sadly, most of us don’t write our life scripts. We follow formuliac patterns of relationships, hero’s journey, meet-cutes, breaks up, boy meets girl, boy loses girl, love ’em and leave ’em, victim, rescuer, perpetrator narratives. These repeated narratives show up with different faces, different costumes, different details, but the story lines are recycled again, and again, and again. 

We exit the 3D Construct and its addiction to mimicry by choosing to come out of a system of separation that is designed to deliberately distort our perceptions.  Painful emotional triggers and repeating, archetypal narratives keep us trapped in manipulated mindsets and inorganic reality.

#210 Starter Collection

Essences Collection

This Essence collection addresses three Additional core Pain Body Templates that trigger primal fear responses and stress. Living Lessons Library Quantum educational resources guide you step-by-step, template by template, to dissolve these dysfunctional emotional templates. Unify your three states of mind. Feel Quantum shifts in consciousness and emotional balance ignited by our gentle, powerful, and just water. Gemstone colored roller bottles shown are optional with an additional cost.



Eliminate Emotional Triggers. Restore emotional balance.
Ignite conscious co-creative abilities.

  • #4 – Power/Vulnerability/Humility/Unconditional Love
  • #6 – Attention/Connection/Disappointment
  • #18 – Withhold Pleasure/Inflict Cruelty/Freeze time
  • #22 – Addiction
  • #43 – Nervous System
  • #46 – Misperctions/Assumptions/Lies
  • #411 – Compassion/Forgiveness/Grace
  • #39 – Receive (Bonus Essence)