Our Premise and Our Promise

You will Feel your
Source Essence again.
This is our promise and Our Purpose.


Earth's bodies of water all share life-giving information. Streams, springs, rivers, lakes, glaciers, and oceans communicate with all life.


Human beings, animals, plant life, minerals, and water are essential in the circle of life that is our sentient planet, Gaia.


Our purpose is to circulate and share the Essence of Gaia's plan for humanity living in Wholeness on her new earth. Water is key.

Water is Life

Our Premise. Our Promise. Our Purpose.

Water Gives us life.

Pain Body

“Ascension” symptoms are expressions of our pain bodies seeking a return to Wholeness. Trapped energy must be transformed and released.


We return to the energy frequencies and “bandwith” of the Garden of Eden before the invasion of Snake energy, the lie, and the system of separation that is 3D reality.

Go Deeper...


Sourced Solutions Essences offer a gentle path for becoming acquainted with how it feels to be Whole; spirit, body, heart, mind.

We have to ask ourselves what is happening in the health care? Why are rates of cancer, addiction, and mental health challenges at epidemic proportions?

There is a fundamental shift happening on this planet. Like frogs in boiling water, we may not understand or we may be in denial about the broader implications for all humanity.

Healing on a mass scale is available but to access it we ourselves will need to change how we live, how we think, how we feel, and how we related to each other before we will be able to heal systems that don’t serve us. 

We have entered the Age of Frequency.  The Information Age has dropped its benevolent mask. We are bombarded daily with frequencies that are creating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual damage.

Source Solutions Essences are aspirin for the spirit. 

Our Pain Body series of Essences ignite a gentle return to an organic path of Wholeness, bringing relief to emotional and mental suffering. 

What is the ‘pain body’ by Eckhart Tolle is an accumulated sludge of fearful emotions, self-negating thoughts, and foreign energies we let in to feel ourselves unwell and unhappy when these energies become trapped in our energy field.

“Ascension” symptoms are expressions of our pain bodies seeking a return to Wholeness. Trapped energy must be transformed and released.

What happens when we learn to go within, learning to identify, feel, and accept our emotions without judgment or acting out because of fear?

Our emotions become the power source for conscious co-creation of all we experience. Fibromyalgia, immune disorders, depression, anxiety, and even addiction patterns holding a pain body in place begin to reorganize into healthy information that our body systems use to generate healing processes.

Emotions and and Soul-Sourced spiritual intuition are fluid energies that move through your body’s water.

We are returning to the energy frequencies and “bandwith” that is the Garden of Eden before the invasion of Snake energy, the lie, and the system of separation that is 3D reality.

Each Essence in this series carries the antidote for unconscious energy in us seeking to be awakened. Support organic DNA activations of your ‘junk genes.’ Say “Yes, please!” to regaining uninterrupted flow between your conscious, unconscious, and subconscious states of mind. Integrate natural attributes that come with embodying your Divine Being.

We are not broken. Our world isn’t broken. Through genetic and frequency manipulation,
human beings’ organic birthright of Wholeness has been hi-jacked.24/7. All over the world human, Wholeness is being bought, sold, and sacrificed.
This has been happening for eons.

We are in the time of the Great Turning. Our energy bodies and subtle fields are returning to Source and Gaia’s original, divine templates. As we heal with Gaia, we release everything that is not Wholeness.

Our line of Essences nurture human body systems as we transition to new earth. Repair damage caused by non-organic, etheric implants. Dissolve chakras into your heart center. Transform into a 12 Dimensional tube torus formation with your Bliss Channel, connection to Source, and to Gaia, all in peaceful and healthy alignment.

Most homeopaths accept the three miasms that Hahnemann described —psora, syphilis, and sycosis—and two more that have been described by subsequent masters—the tubercular and cancer miasms. The names can be confusing, as miasms are named for diseases but bear only a loose relationship to the disease for which they are named. Beyond those five miasms, others have been observed, such as ringworm, rabies, and so on, and questions have been raised about whether emergent diseases, such as AIDS, fall within existing miasms or create new ones.

In bringing in the frequencies that are embedded in the Essences, Gaia has presented newly identified global miasms which generate pervasive residue of degeneracy of mind, emotions, and action in our world. From Gaia’s perspective, poverty, world hunger, and greed are MIASMs. Ebola, Aids, and other bio-engineered disease fall under the category of global miasms.

For example: hatred for the Divine Feminine promulgated by organized religions over time, particularly any religion that supports blood sacrifice and murder to uphold its tenents is a global MIASM.

Understanding the fundamental nature of creative energy, frequency, information in relationship to form, we co-reated the Essences to address a variety of global miasms. 

The majority of our Miasm Essences are available for purchase when you become a member of Living Lessons Library conscious co-creators group. Or, one of our practitioners can recommend a specific miasm to liberate your meta being, or oversoul, from energy-entanglement within a global miasm.

Incorporate use of these Essences along with self-loving choices around food, exercise, sleep, friendship, healthy intimacy and holistic care options. 


As we heal with Gaia, we release everything that is not Wholeness. Our energy bodies and subtle fields return to Source and Gaia’s original, divine templates.


Any political system that supports blood sacrifice, sexual distortion, murder, torture, poverty and division to maintain its power base is a global disease MIASM

Our Emotions, thoughts, and fears either pollute our lives or purify us.
This is Our premise.

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