Conscious Co-Creation Masterclass

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Have clear intent about what you are ready to give of yourself and your gifts


Ask your co-creative partners for permission to move forward with your sacred imagination


Release control: open to receive each “how this happens” synchronicity as it arrives


Share the abundance of creative energy flows that align with your intention


Relax into the pleasure of trusting the reality shifts you desire will be healthy for all involved


Release a return flow of gratitude to Source, Gaia, and all Elementals who assist you 

Give Your 3D
Sacred Imagination
a 5D Tune Up!

Conscious Co-creation Masterclass meets for six weekly 90 minute sessions.

Saturday, June 8th and concludes on Saturday, July 13th.

Anaiis Salles, Founder of Living Lessons Library and Sourced Solutions, a Rise Omniversity Mentor, and Certified Bio-Energetix Practitioner leads this class in 
mastering the Science and Art of Conscious Co-Creation

I’m thrilled to offer my 6 step reality-changing basic life skills course. Simple to use. Easy to master. Fun to rinse and repeat any time you desire to consciously co-create a new way forward for yourself or a like-minded group.  Discover what it’s like to have Source, Gaia, and the Elementals become your most inspiring creative partners!

Open your heart, share your dreams, and dare to rock our world! 

Conscious Co-Creation, Ubuntu, and the Frequency Age Revolution.

We are in the midst of the global event referred to as ‘the shift’. This is an energetic event and a spiritual unfolding of creation moving from an unconscious state to one of universal conscious awareness here on earth.

We are awakening to an understanding that everything is information, everything is conscious, and everything exists in relationship — and that these three interconnected aspects of universal lore are bundled together to form patterns. We are learning that these patterns can and are transmitted through distinct, unique frequencies.

In actuality, we have been living in the Frequency Age for some time. This has been cleverly hidden within the public relations marketing ploy that was presented to us as the “Information Age” requiring use of digital, computer, microwaves, and other, hidden technologies.  

We are about to experience the Frequency Revolution. This is necessary for our hearts, bodies, souls, and lastly minds to be in alignment with organic,natural law.

Today, we understand that our human hearts generate frequency in our personal human biosphere and that our emotions through electromagnetic energy sculpt molecules by pulling quantum waves into particles and the forms we know as reality.

The science of conscious co-creation, the principles of Ubuntu, and the Frequency Revolution are emerging through the energies of a major shift in planetary consciousness that is an expression of organic natural law, or lore, as some prefer to say.

As I share in having developed a straightforward approach to the science of conscious co-creation, the new paradigms that we recognize as new and life-affirming are in balance with feminine, masculine and sacred co-creative energies. Therefore, these new paradigms will be expressions of the Frequency Revolution.

Infrastructure, education, well-being and health care, cityscapes, housing, transportation, time use, money equivalents, maximized materialization with minimal energy inputs and zero tolerance for continuing out of balance damage to the planet and human needs each have to be transitioned from what currently exists into the new paradigms we have the courage to co-create.

This is a big task to which we contribute our passions, talents, gifts, ingenuity, and happy, focused work.

Everything is energy. Energy is focused into frequency. Frequencies are organized into templates, forms, and structures.

Knowing this, we have the opportunity to organize new paradigms with agreements arising from core values, alignments of heart over mind, the principles of cooperation, collaboration, and coherent communication and communities.

One unique contribution I am able to make is sharing and teaching the core principles of conscious co-creation to anyone feeling a personal passion as a servant-leader. The second unique contribution I am able to make is supporting the ongoing practice of conscious co-creation with heart-based frequency solutions formulated with the memory of water and organic, earth-based information.

My contribution to your project is, thus, two-fold.

The first is  teaching the science of conscious co-creation so that your project team will always have a heart-based reference point for where each team member is relative to the co-creation cycle, where the team is relative to its co-creation cycles, and where the project is relative to its expression as a full and conscious co-creation.  The second is supporting our ongoing human struggle to remain in a state of collaborative, conscious awareness unimpeded by unconscious or subconscious choices that result in varying degrees of sabotage of any ideal creation.

Co-creation Catalysts 101 is an educational course teaching the core elements of the co-creative cycle.

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