Client Package: Aging Gracefully

Our Triple AAA Aging Gracefully Wellness package include Bio-Field scans and consultations for individuals over the age of 60 who rely solely on Medicare or Medicaid Benefits to manage physical challenges associated with aging.

Aging is often considered to be a chronic physical condition. Gradual changes in vision, hearing, flexibility, and hormonal levels take consistent attention, care, and a multidisciplinary approach. Allopathic and holistic information combined so it doesn’t generate additional conflict in the body supports positive change in energy levels and capacity to enjoy every single day.

Triple AAA Wellness Option:

$75 for an initial scan and 1 hour consultation with one of our Practitioners: 28 day Information Cycle, maximum 3 scans per 28 days

2 Additional scans per year; consults of 30-45 minutes to review new scan information
Compare scans
Purchase recommended Sourced Solutions separately
Option to purchase a personal scanning device
You must be referred by an ongoing client who is in a program/pkg of care with one of our practitioners

Add-on Option:

Used up your 3 scans and need an additional consult? $40 for a scan and 30 minute consultation with one of our practitioners within a one year service.

Checklist: You are in the care of  a licensed medical doctor

  • You appreciate and trust your body’s ability to heal itself
  • Your life experience has been good outcomes with minor illness
  • You seek ‘no crisis, please’ support for ongoing health and well-being as you age
  • Mobility, independence, and making the most of your resources are important to your well-being
  • You are self-care awake and nutrition informed
  • Use of alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs are limited
  • You’re  ready to explore healthier lifestyle choices
  • You eat a conventional diet (salt, sugar, fat) but are willing to consider organic options

Disclaimer: Our wellness practice services are dedicated to ongoing health, energy for life, and affordable supplemental holistic options. We do not provide treatment or make any claims of cure.