The Shareable Wave: Episode 3

The Shareable


Our Guest: Bill Prinzivalli

Hosts Anaiis Salles & Elise Stone

Anaiis Salles

I'm excited to co-create a shareable wave of global transformation with innovators from all walks of life. New paradigm solutions emerging from all over our world.

Elise Stone

It’s a pleasure to be a part of an authentic and consciously aware group of people dedicated to forging new frontiers in conscious co-creation.

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"Every encounter is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every moment a chance to transform our world.”
~ Dolores Huerta ~

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bio pic Bill Prinzivalli

Bill Prinzivalli

Improv in Life and Business

Bill Prinzivalli is an entrepreneur and business consultant. Having created several startups in the past, his recent focus is consulting for various organizations. Bill has completed a BS in Mathematics, an MS in Computer Science, and an MBA.

Throughout his career, Bill has also engaged in a variety of spiritual studies, including meditation, energy healing, metaphysics, yoga, Sufism and Qigong. He enjoys the challenge of integrating these studies and their principles into the daily operations of business life.

In 2012, Bill began studying Improvisational Acting. He surprisingly stayed connected to this art form, and he continues to discover many benefits and connections to deeper values. Bill has performed on multiple stages in New York City including the Jan Hus Theater, The Producer’s Club and The Pit.

Bill’s active engagement in both business and improvisational acting has led to developing a training program focused on the applications of improvisational practices in the corporate world.

His ultimate goal is to influence self-improvement (for individuals and groups) that incorporates authenticity, trust, acceptance, generosity, communications and creativity – all characteristics that can be easily associated with spirituality.

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See You Soon, Wavers!