The Shareable Wave: Episode 2

The Shareable


Anaiis Salles & Elise Stone

Anaiis Salles

I'm excited to co-create a shareable wave of global transformation with innovators from all walks of life. New paradigm solutions emerging from all over our world.

Elise Stone

It’s a pleasure to be a part of an authentic and consciously aware group of people dedicated to forge new frontiers in conscious co-creation.

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"Every encounter is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every moment a chance to transform our world.”
~ Dolores Huerta ~

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John Gatling

John Gatling is a descendant of 33rd Degree Mason, Richard Jordan Gatling, alumni of North Carolina State University, and credited creator of the Gatling Gun, original design by his great-grandfather a few times over  who was also named John Gatling.

John is also a former U.S. Youth Ambassador to Moscow.  After returning from Russia, John choose to exit the university system and he became a Jehovah’s Witness.

John says “That’s when things got interesting.”

John Gatling is an independent online journalist covering professional boxing. He lives in New York City.

Is Mankind Evil?

Anti-Semitism needs to be understood in order to unravel a dark mystery that has plagued the human condition. It comes from the Art of War; responsible for and synonymous with the evil that is Mankind.

This “Trinity” is inexorably linked and serves as the basis for Political Science and his best friend of dogma Religious Belief. Once entwined with Money, we now have an orgy of perverse origin, designed as a progressive darkness over generations. This is Capitalism, an occult system that involves comparative praying (Envy) resulting in consumptive preying (War).

The byproduct of these two unnatural forces has been the draining of Oil from the Mother Earth and the Draconian draining of Blood from us: Human Beings. Because we’ve been fooled and reduced in this highly dimensional universe, its lead us to doubt that which we should trust, or to accept what we should rightfully reject.

The result is and has been Slavery, on a tiered class system, which has removed the human condition from wholesome Humanity, which at it’s best, represents creative technicians of Technology and a spiritual Work of Art by natural design from the feminine. Under the very essence of Cooperatism, there would be no need for a Politician or his Priest under an artificial dictatorship.

Nature, is the true art official dictatorship.


See You There, Wavers...