About Sourced Solutions

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Wholeness. Circle. Spiral. Line.
Feminine and Masculine Co-creation.
Infinite Creativity. Exquisite Balance.

Sourced Solutions came into being through intelligent, organic design.

Conscious relationship as information stored in the quantum field is available through a direct knowing Soul-Sourced pipeline.

However, it’s become obvious through innumerable experiences over the last three decades that information available at the soul-Sourced level is on a need-to-know basis. In a ‘normal’ person’s life, this door to Source-enhanced quality of life is closed. Our Sourced Solutions are co-created to help open all closed doors within us. This is abundance.

When our organic human DNA awakens, we have the means within us to literally know it alland to physically become whatever we choose to be in conscious relatonship with.

A freak of nature. A Highly Sensitive Person. These attributes describe me to a “T”. By age ten, my family and I made peace with knowing that I’m different from ‘normal people’ in countless ways. All of these junk genes DNA based genetic differences are a result of genetic diversity which is highly beneficial to the organic human species. However, only after an energetic ‘enlightenment ‘ experience’ in 1989 was all of my DNA switched on. It became abundantly clear that I am an organic, deliberately intended mutation of our human species.

Perhaps you’re thinking: “Ah, poor thing! She has a disability. She’s diffferently-abled.”

On the contrary, I have an amazing array of spiritual and psychokenetic abilities which, when experienced by ‘normal’ people fall gracefully between fascinating, ridiculous, and utterly miraculous.

Similarly to how a female worker bee makes honey and our world a beautiful and better place precisely because of her diligence, devotion, and instinctive collaboration with nature, Sourced Solutions Essences are the product of intense spiritual curiosity coupled with a deep connection to nature and my love for Source of all Being..

Having sampled all that soul-Sourced life offers, making the best of every life experience and challenge in alignment with spiritual lore, simply using ‘just water’ Essences share sweetness, joy, wonder, wisdom, healing, and awareness; the honey of each living lesson is part of my soul-Sourced Wholeness and human experience.

Did you know that a 5,000 year old jar of honey was unearthed from an ancient tomb. The honey hadn’t degraded at all. It was still sweet and safe to enjoy. Five thousand years from now, our Essences will still contain the same sweet, sacred information that is stored within water.

Enjoy learning about properties of water which may be new to you.

The specific property of water memory was validated decades ago by scientific research.

We are deeply grateful to Jacques Buenvenista, Dr. Masaru Emoto, and Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Luc Montagnier 
for their Source-inspired, scientific curiosity and pioneering brilliance.

Group Focus Heightens Energy!

We’ve been reminded many, many times that group focus heightens energy and accelerates transformation.
Growing, changing, and learning together is adult creativity and play.