Discover, Nurture and Celebrate Wholeness

It’s time to remember your best self!
Let go of imposed structural errors designed to dim consciousness and diminish your life force.
Claim your birthright: vitality, health and well-being.
It's your time to SHINE.

Sourced Solutions are a quantum leap in restorative, holistic information.
A new holistic paradigm beyond essential oils or botanical remedies, our exclusive formulation is based on electromagnetic signals from
natural sources being stored in and then shared by water.

Our proprietary, topically applied infoceuticals support physical health,
emotional well-being, and coherent subtle energy states.
Bio-interactive. Balanced. For Highly Sensitive People.

Glimmer. Glisten. Flow! Play!
Dream! Dance! Share! Shine!
Experience. Explore.

5D Sourced Solutions

Quantum Solutions For Highly Sensitive People!
Connect ease, grace, and gentle, holistic integration
with every stage of your inner growth and transformation.

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What Customers & Clients Say...

  • Since a homeopathic remedy works with your body at its deepest levels, its effects work from the center outward. This rule is called the “Law of the Direction of Cure.” No matter what the situation, health has to begin with an improvement of your mental and emotional state, as well as anything else that corresponds to you as a unique individual on general and essential levels, such as your level of energy, your sleep and your sense of well-being. When healthful change occurs in accordance with the Direction of Cure, your vitality will increase and sustain your newly achieved healthy state. I appreciate knowing Sourced Solutions Essences are formulated using intuitive homeopathy principles.
    Deborah Padilla
    Well for Life
  • #43 Thank you! Wow, all the quantity words I have for this are intense, but the actual flavor of the experience is gentle, and extremely slowing. Even the grief is of the flavor of the tears behind the eyelids, not the pouring tears variety. I am extremely hyperactive from the four TBIs, so any form of slowing is welcome. My usual two speeds are fast and stop (like when you ran into the wall with your arms folded, that kind of sudden stop). #43 brought me to slow, and I stayed there for many hours. It also has a quality of gentleness. The grief comes from "the years the locusts have eaten." When I originally heard that phrase, it was, "I want back the years that the locusts have eaten." What a disability costs me ( in lost effectiveness and ability to have a good and contributing life) is enormous. I don't give a lot of energy to that grief, it is just always there, like a fish in the water. But this #43 brought me to there, and I was moving slowly. When slowness is possible, with all the things I couldn't deal with before (because the firehose flow of stimuli is so intense and ongoing, no time to deal with this 100 stimuli before the next 100 arrive), then I get to 'catch up'. It helps me re-twine the strands of my timelines.
    Denise Schultz
  • Dreams with #5: primal drumming, snuggling, dark, comforting, repeating, teaching observation. I am or I see the Queen. One rotten apple needs to be sorted out before it might spread and ruin the very large container full of apples -- a roomful. Polishing off the table, gleaming. (as in 'all done') Young mothers and the road is bulging up and bursting open, massive upheaval, huge change, challenge, upheaval, transforming. A young man died and I am struck with the feeling of uncontrollable crying and what about his mother? And I do make it OK to the funeral
    Brandon Ross
  • Hoi Anaiis! Received the Beta testing kit yesterday and started with one for this 24 hour period. Never in my life have I had dreams as last night's vivid ventures. Quite worth the price of admission !!!! — so far. We'll see how daytime matches up Thank You — so very potent, that one any way!! Muchas gracias,
    Marilyn Pelrine
    Waldorf Teacher